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The Wyss Campaign for Nature is a $1 billion investment to help communities, indigenous peoples, and nations conserve 30% of the planet in its natural state by 2030.


 Our planet’s wildlife and wild areas are disappearing quickly:

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Nearly two-thirds of the Earth’s wetlands and half of all rainforests are already gone.
Source: The Guardian | Photo credit: Michell León
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The planet has lost 60% of its wildlife populations since 1970.
Source: WWF | Photo credit: Mattias Rebak
More than 26,000 wildlife and plant species are now at risk of extinction.
Source: The IUCN | Photo credit: Mike Beckner


To confront this conservation crisis, the Wyss Foundation is launching a $1 billion campaign, called the Wyss Campaign for Nature.



The campaign's goal is to help conserve 30% of the planet in a natural state by the year 2030 by creating and expanding protected areas, establishing more ambitious international conservation targets, investing in science, and inspiring conservation action around the world. Only by dramatically increasing the capacity of communities, indigenous peoples, and nations to conserve lands, waters, and wildlife can we hope to safeguard the natural world upon which we all depend.

Banner photo credit: Daniel Rosengren

 “Each investment we make in conservation is an enduring investment in democracy.”

Hansjörg Wyss

(Photo credit: Will Nesbitt)

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